Want to heal and live cancer-free?

These 200 world-famous naturopathic cancer doctors want to help YOU!

Who am I and why should you trust me?

My name is Ryan Sternagel. I’m a former Regional Sales Manager turned full-time “Dadcologist” after my son Ryder was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in 2014, eleven days before his first birthday.

My wife Teddy and I are the founders of The Stern Method, a resource for the practical application of integrative healing and non-toxic living.

I’ve also collaborated with hundreds of leading integrative and holistic doctors worldwide to create The Anti-Cancer Revolution podcast and online conference series, along with the upcoming Going Integrative course curriculum.

My family’s healing journey and my baby boy’s battle with cancer, and knowing there are thousands of families who have it as bad or worse than we did, are what fuels all of our work.

Teddy and I will never forget the shock and numbness we felt on that day of the diagnosis, when the doctor and nurse came back from the MRI with tears in their eyes and said:

“Your baby boy has a mass larger than his kidneys growing inside and out of his spine … as well as secondary tumors and metastasis to his bones…I’m so sorry…”

Our life was turned upside down, and the vision we’d always had of how our happy little family’s life would go seemed shattered.

Our son was now fighting for his life and racing against time… and we were terrified of losing him.

But right then and there, we decided that outcome was unacceptable, and resolved to do EVERYTHING in our power to ensure Ryder lived the life he came here to live.

So we got to work researching, devouring all the books, studies, podcasts and presentations we could find.

But the more we learned, the more questions we had… with no one to answer them.

Knowing full well that every second counted, and we needed to make the right decisions as quickly as possible…

We were lost in a sea of information and felt utterly alone… We quickly became completely overwhelmed, desperate, and at times… we felt like we were failing our son.

It wasn’t until we accidentally discovered a naturopathic oncologist, that sanity and peace entered our life.

He had decades of experience on the integrative path to healing, his toolbox wasn’t at all limited to conventional chemo, radiation and drugs, and most importantly…

We knew instantly that we could count on him to guide us towards the right decisions, and away from the wrong ones.

The integrative path healed our son… Ryder is now one of the healthiest kids I know, and truly living his best life.

After all the darkness our family went through, Teddy and I dedicated our lives to helping others young and old. We not only help them embrace an integrative approach to healing and preventing cancer and chronic disease…

But also provide all the best resources to light that path as brightly as possible, and make the journey way easier for others than it was for us.

What is Going Integrative Plus?

Going Integrative Plus (GI+) is an exclusive membership community that unites leading integrative cancer doctors with the patients who need them most.

GI+ also provides a vast library of anti-cancer education and advice. Inside, you’ll find the latest and greatest in integrative solutions to healing and preventing cancer and chronic disease.

Going Integrative Plus is perfect for you if you…

  • Feel lost and alone on your healing journey
  • Desire to heal a loved one battling cancer… naturally
  • Suffer from emotional turmoil and overwhelm
  • Want help from world-renowned naturopathic and holistic doctors
  • Need support from a like-minded community who shares your struggle
  • Want to avoid conventional methods like drugs and chemo
  • Seek to stay on the cutting edge of proven integrative healing solutions

Here’s what you get:

You’ll have access to all of this as a part of our Going Integrative Plus community. 🙂

Do you dream of being cancer-free?

Going Integrative Plus is your shortcut to finding the right paths, faster, and avoiding the wrong ones entirely on your healing journey.

I firmly believe, with all my heart, that every case can be reversed. Yes, even yours. 🙂

There is an all too real time limit however, to finding what’s going to work for YOUR situation. 

Correct decisions extend the time you have, while incorrect decisions take it away.

Again, this is the way you make more correct decisions immediately, and little to no incorrect ones.

And you DON’T need to spend countless hours researching doctors, studies, and individual remedies and therapies to do it.

You DON’T need to empty your bank account and max out your credit cards paying consultation fees for a never ending stream of doctors trying to find the right one..

You DON’T need to drive yourself insane trying to consume all possible information in existence about cancer, only to wind up with more questions than answers…

Believe it or not, I used to pride myself on the maxed out credit cards from trial and error, and feeling like a zombie from the never ending studying.

Let me tell you from personal experience: there's a much, much better way.

Your best chance is not to become an expert, it’s to consult with experts… the right experts.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Going Integrative Plus and why you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Going Integrative Plus will give you everything I wish my family had on our healing journey:

  • Evidence-based natural solutions to healing and preventing cancer
  • Direct access to world-renowned integrative doctors who want to help you
  • A supportive community that understands your struggle and wants you to WIN!
  • ON DEMAND cancer-kicking information and education from trustworthy sources
  • Peace, hope and direction when life seems most chaotic

Why join Going Integrative Plus?

  • You’ll gain exclusive Community access to cancer-kicking education and advice from trusted world-class doctors.
  • You’ll save time, money and your sanity because you WON’T have to do this alone anymore!
  • Plus, you’ll have a direct line to the greatest naturopathic docs on the planet with weekly Live Q&A calls to help you take control of your healing journey.
  • And if you’re not happy with Going Integrative for any reason… simply cancel within the first month and I’ll refund your money!

And the best part? You can start now for less than $20 per month (67 cents per day)!

How fast can you expect results?

Short answer: immediately!

When you sign up, you’ll instantly gain access to our supportive community and vast archives of integrative health resources. You can try to binge-watch all of it (it will take you a while) or you can pick and choose based on your specific needs.

(Members tell us they learned more in a few short hours with us than they did in decades of solo study!)

Within one week, you’ll be invited to attend your first LIVE Q&A Call with a top-notch integrative doctor who will answer any questions about your healing journey.


Meet Your Personal Roundtable of Integrative Cancer Experts

We always say that not only should you be consulting with a holistic and integrative doctor in addition to your conventional doctor

But that integrative doctor should be a CANCER SPECIFIC practitioner.

Not just any naturopathic doctor, but a professional with decades of experience, who sees cancer patients day in and day out.

And that is just about the ONLY type of practitioner we have on our calls, that you have the ability to ask questions of each and every week on Going Integrative Plus.

And not just any cancer specific practitioner for that matter, but only the BEST cancer specific practitioners.

I go to multiple conferences for holistic & integrative cancer doctors each year, so I can make sure I’m bringing you the best of the best.Many of the doctors you see below don’t even see patients anymore, because they’ve become so renowned that they now spend their time teaching other doctors.

But they still come on our calls, because they believe in what we’re doing. And they want to help YOU, because you’re taking your healing seriously.

Dr. Paul Anderson
Dr. Antonio Jimenez
Dr. Nasha Winters
Dr. Robert Nagourney
Dr. Jim Roach
Dr. Jason Miller
Dr. Oscar Sierra
Dr. Nalini Chilkov
Dr. Michael Karlfeldt
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
Dr. Veronique Desaulnier
Dr. Edward Group
Dr. Dan Rubin
Dr. Darrell Wolfe
Dr. Rashid A Buttar
Dr. Patrick Vickers
Dr. Lucas Tims
Jane McLelland
Dr. Sharon Stills
Dr. Thomas Lodi
Dr. Sharon Gurm
Dr. Tina Kaczor
Dr. Carol Lourie
Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Dr. David Jockers
Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Jenny Hrbacek, RN
Dr. Christine Schaffner
Dr. Kelly Turner
Dr. Eric Zielinski
Dr. Alex Orton
Dr. Andre Williams
Dr. Robert Scott Bell
Dr. Jenn Simmons
Dr. Dagmara Beine
Dr. Mark Bricca
Dr. Rose Paisley
Dr. Janet Maendel
Dr. Linda Isaacs
Dr. Marisol Teijeiro
John Malanca
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Carole Burstein
Dr. Michelle LaMasa-Dawson
Dr. Michelle Niesley
Dr. Melina Roberts
Dr. Marina Yanover
Dr. Phranq Tamburri
Dr. Judy Seeger
Phoenix Aurelius
Dr. Judith Boice
Dr. Scott Sherr
Dr. Jack Tips
Dr. Dawn Lemanne
Marcus Freudenmann
Dr. Heather Paulson
Dr. Henning Saupe
Dr. Gerry Curatola
Dr. Michael Hummel
Jennifer Miele, PhD
Dr. Deirdre Orceyre
Dr. Dana Flavin
Dr. Mary Hardy
Dr. Lori Bouchard
Donnie Yance, MH, CN

These are the types of questions that you can, and should be asking.

Now, after looking at that list of the very top holistic cancer-specific practitioners in the world we have on our calls, picture being able to ask them DIRECTLY anything you want, each and every week.

Questions like:

Some people need an expert answer to their question FAST, and they get it. Others like to ask their most fundamental questions to a variety of practitioners to get the most well rounded opinion possible.

Once you start asking these questions to our doctors, you’ll quickly see the answers you’re given are WORLDS apart from what you’d get from:

I can’t stress enough the importance of getting as much information as you can, from cancer specific integrative practitioners

whose job it is to be up on the latest information, and who see cancer patients day in and day out.

Like my son’s first naturopathic oncologist always says:

“Don’t try to catch up to us in a couple weeks after you’ve been diagnosed. We’ve got DECADES of experience on you. Use it!

And this is the ONLY place you’ll find this resource. 

There are a couple programs out there that offer occasional live calls with various health experts, but this is the ONLY one that has all cancer-specific integrative practitioners, all the time.

My wife Teddy and I know this is the absolute most important feature of this program, because this was our life when our son was going through cancer and we’ve dedicated our lives to making it easier on others ever since.

Being part of this community will SAVE YOU thousands of dollars.

With our medical system being as backwards as it is, the side effect causing drugs get covered by insurance (and not even all of them)…

While the supplements and devices that can actually help your body HEAL are all out of pocket.

And that unfortunately is just the way it is right now.

We went tens of thousands of dollars in debt to afford all the supplements and nutrition, and healing gear like saunas, energy medicine devices and ozone.

And we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat if we had to.

But in reflecting on that, and asking ourselves how we can make this community the absolute most helpful and valuable to you as we can, we came up with an idea:

The Going Integrative Plus Member Discounts.

We’ve arranged deals on our favorite healing supplements and devices WAY below retail, or even “special deals” you see advertised on them.

It’s basically like Black Friday every day for our members.

Just some of these include:

Infrared Saunas
Ozone Machines
Red Light Therapy
Whole Body Vibration
Healing Frequencies
Bee Propolis Products
Hemp & CBD Products
Essential Oils
PectaSol & Honokiol
Adaptogenic Formulas
Lymphatic & Immune Formulas
Spagyric Tinctures
Organic Olive Oil

Trust me when I say, you could never get on a single member Q&A call (which I don’t suggest doing)…

And STILL come out WAY ahead just utilizing the ultra deep discounts on the products you buy for your healing anyway, available at any time to our community.

The prices these companies give to our members are so low they won’t even let me advertise them publicly…

And we’re CONSTANTLY adding more.

The Ultimate “Doctor Shopping” Experience

We always say when you’re going through cancer, you NEED to be working with a holistic doctor that SPECIALIZES in cancer

and they’ve got to be one of the best in the world.

When we were going through cancer with our son, this wasn’t as easy as most doctors weren’t allowed to practice across state lines, so we had to make due with what we had near us.

Now that those rules have lightened up, almost all doctors do remote consultations regardless of location.

Which means you can choose from virtually any doctor, anywhere, which presents its own problem:

Which one is “the best?”

Being in the position I’m in now having interviewed so many of them, I get this question pretty much every day.

And my answer is that I make certain that we have only top tier holistic cancer doctors on our calls, but they’re all so great in their own way there’s no way I could single out just one or two.

The best holistic cancer doctor, is the one that’s best FOR YOU.

Meaning you resonate with them as a person, you feel comfortable with the way they talk and feel a strong sense of trust with them, and most importantly…

You feel great about the answers they give to YOUR questions, and the questions others ask that mean the most to you.

It would be impossible to take each and every doctor for a “test drive” on your own, but between the live calls and the entire archive of all past calls

It becomes really easy to narrow down who you “vibe with” the most, and find the doctor you were meant to have.

But don’t just take my word for it, read these incredible success stories…

"I love my membership! It is worth every penny and more. Thank you, Ryan!"

- Erica V.

“Personally, I feel the Q&As with the doctors are INVALUABLE. It’s like getting a private consultation with each one. After years of combing the internet myself for info regarding my illness and getting to the root cause(s), I can honestly say I have learned as much or more in a few short months with Going Integrative than years of doing research on my own.”

- Lisa M.

“I really love Going Integrative and the best part about it honestly is Ryan! He is so knowledgeable and shares a patient's perspective of just wanting to be healthy - while the doctors are the experts they are also more specialized and often talk in theories and generalities.”

- Christian H.

“I am so happy to have found Ryan, his family, and this community - as a resource for those trying to find truth, healthy/appropriate healing, and submission to The Creator's Will!”

- Nasira S.

"I've been a long-time follower and member of the Going Integrative community. Through a lot of what you preach, my younger brother is having amazing results with his bone cancer. Through this process, I've really fallen in love with the world of natural healing and naturopathic medicine. It just makes so much logical sense once you manage to step away from the dogma society feeds you....I regard you as one of the best non-practitioners in the space."

- Jon H.

Try it for a month risk-free!

Your first month of Going Integrative Plus is protected by my 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re not happy with your membership…

Simply cancel within the first 30 days and I’ll refund you every penny immediately.

No hassle.

No questions asked.

You’re in control here.

Even if you binge-watch everything you can for 29.9 days and then decide to cancel, you’ll have no hard feelings from me… it’s just part of the deal.

But I’m not worried about that… because I know once you get into Going Integrative Plus, you won’t want to leave.

FREE Bonuses If You Join Today

Sign up today and I’ll send you three FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1 – FREE Bottle of CytoD+K2 – Considered the “Ultimate daily formula for healthy vitamin D and K2 levels.” This powerful supplement is 99% organic and designed by one of the leading nutraceutical research scientists in the USA. 1000s of in-depth studies including the American Cancer Society and Cancer.gov indicate that Vitamin D plays a critical role in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Bonus # 2 – $10 Coupon to Revelation Health

BONUS #3 – Complete Anti-Cancer Revolution 1 & 2 Conference – Access 70+ recordings, slideshows and interview notes to dive deep into how the world’s top holistic experts fight and win against cancer.

Here’s How To Order

Click the button below and fill out the registration form on the next page.

You’ll pay $19.95 today for full access to an entire month of Going Integrative Plus. If you decide to cancel your community access within the first 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund.

If you decide to remain a member after your first month, you’ll be billed $19.95 automatically for each month you remain a part of the Going Integrative Community.


Member Access & Benefits

Direct access to world-renowned integrative & holistic cancer doctors on a guaranteed 3-5 Q&A calls each and every month. Get expert answers backed by decades of cancer experience to your questions as they come up. No more countless hours spent on books and web searches, together with the clarity you’ve been looking for.

VALUE $2500/per month


Monthly group coaching call with me, Ryan Sternagel. On these calls we talk out navigating the conventional and holistic medical worlds, how to afford everything, building your healing plans and protocols, my thoughts on particular supplements and healing gear, and anything else you want to ask!

VALUE $500/per month


Membership in our exclusive support community. You’ll be part of a community of hundreds of people all taking the same approach to healing, who understand what you’re trying to do. Aside from the live calls, you’ll also be in a dedicated chat group getting feedback from myself and the community in real time.

VALUE $250/per month


Astronomical discounts on the healing products you’ll be buying anyway. Everything from our favorite supplements to healing devices like saunas and ozone machines, at prices WAY below even regular “sales” you’d see advertised to them, available to you as long as your a member. Can’t say it enough, THIS ALONE PAYS FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP, and then some!!

VALUE $200/per month


The Archive Vault

Unlimited access to every past Q&A call recording, totaling over 300 hours worth of education. Each replay is timestamped and transcribed, so you can easily see what was discussed on the call, read the transcript of that section and/or jump right to the video segment you need most. This also gives you peace of mind if you can’t catch one of the calls you wanted to live.

VALUE $2000/per month


The Anti-Cancer Revolution 1 – Complete online conference recordings and lecture notes. The event that started it all! Full interviews of many of the doctors featured prominently in the popular The Truth About Cancer series, plus many other top holistic cancer doctors. DETAILED notes for each talk are provided so you can easily see the main points.

VALUE $200/per month


The Anti-Cancer Revolution 2: Evidence-Based Medicine – Complete online conference recordings, slides and lecture notes. Full-blown medical conference style presentations (that lay people can still understand) from the top integrative & holistic doctors in the world. Presentation slides AND comprehensive notes are included for each talk!

VALUE $200/per month


Bonuses For Joining Today

BONUS #1 – FREE Bottle of CytoD+K2. Over 90% of people with cancer have sub-optimal Vitamin D levels at time of diagnosis. True Cellular Formulas makes a highly absorbable Vitamin D product in a high quality organic olive oil base which we love… and want to GIVE YOU just for becoming part of this community. ***This alone pays for your first two months!!!***

VALUE $39/per month


Bonus #2 – $10 OFF coupon to Revelation Health for future purchases! This is one of our absolute favorite places to get supplements and every discount helps!!

VALUE $10/per month



Yours for $19.95/PER Month

“All this for less than $20/mo?
Why so cheap?”

Great question.

Especially since:

The truth is: a conservative estimate of the total value of Going Integrative Plus is well over $5,000 per month…

But you can start now for less than 67 cents per day.

That’s less than a Netflix subscription.

It’s less than the average American spends on fast food in a week!

“That’s great…” You might be thinking…
But how on earth can I afford to make this crazy offer?

The fact is, our doctors want to help you!

They’re extremely generous with their time and knowledge because they’ve dedicated their lives to healing people…

And they know that people like you need safe, natural and effective healing solutions that conventional medicine sweeps under the rug.

PLUS (and I hope I’m not giving away too much), our doctors are looking for new patients…

So, if you find a doctor you really connect with, you may be able to select them as your primary physician…

Imagine that!

You could have a world-renowned integrative practitioner as your personal doctor and wellness coach!

Believe me, it won’t take long for Going Integrative Plus to transform your healing journey…

What happens next?

The happy feelings will start as soon as you receive your “welcome” email.

You’ll get a login link along with your account login information.

Simply click the link and log in with the information provided and you’ll immediately step behind the curtain into our Going Integrative community. Take a look around, introduce yourself and interact with other people on the cancer-healing journey.

Once you do that, take a look at your Course Library where you’ll find:

– The complete archive of all past LIVE Q&A Calls (transcribed and timestamped for searchability and convenience)
– The Anti Cancer Revolution Conference Parts 1 & 2

Keep your eye on your inbox for more announcements about how to make the most of your Going Integrative Plus membership and any notifications for upcoming calls or events.


Are you still reading?

Well, this is awkward…

But if you’re still reading, I may as well keep talking to you about why you’re here…

With Going Integrative Plus:

And the best part? You can start now for less than $20 per month (67 cents per day)!

Still not sure it’s for you?
Check out more inspiring stories from people just like you!

"Everything Ryan and Teddy have done has saved me time and emotional energy. This whole cancer journey is so taxing in every way and I just can’t stress how important it has been to have had someone personally take this path already. From tested product recommendations, to links where to find them, to recipes and videos, the Sternagel’s stringent standards give me confidence.

I learn something PIVOTAL in each of the weekly Zoom meetings with cancer experts and take that to our practitioners or do further research on my own. Ryan and Teddy have so much credibility because they are doing this hard work for their family, and there’s not a greater way to help the rest of us than by creating Going Integrative.

The information doesn’t stagnate or expire, they just keep on adding to it! Really, you can multiply the intensity of what I said by a million because they are filling a need people don’t even realize they have until they’re deep into it. Thank you Ryan and Teddy and the whole team.”

- Cheryl Z

"My journey has taken me all over, but I distinctly remember listening to your podcasts and the Anti-Cancer Revolution a lot.... That informed my journey and now look how we're coming around full circle.... I guess in a way you're my hero. "

- Dr. Andre Williams
Founder of Teshuva Wellness

"Your format is such a great service to people in need. Thank you for dedicating yourself to helping.....people when they are actively seeking answers and solutions."”

- Mary Beth Gonzalez
Founder of The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation

This is your opportunity to give yourself the best chance to overcome cancer and live a full, healthy life.

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