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We’re actively seeking cancer coaches for our Going Integrative Plus program!

When our son Ryder was diagnosed with stage four cancer, experienced cancer coaches were a huge part in getting us pointed in the right directions as quickly as possible. 

And now we want to make sure the people in our community have the same opportunity.

The centerpiece of Going Integrative Plus is a weekly call in which community members get to ask top holistic / integrative doctors specializing in cancer anything they want, in order to get immediate, expert answers to whatever aspect of the cancer journey they’re currently dealing with.

We created this because it’s the resource we would have given anything for when we were in the thick of it, and as the community grows and we add dozens of new members every month, we’re getting more and more of them asking about private coaching…

so now we’re looking for the best of the best, to be able to easily facilitate this for them. 🙂

(Note just to clear up any potential confusion – Going Integrative Plus is open to all people concerned with cancer and consists mostly of adults going through it themselves. This is not a childhood specific program.)

Our community consists of both those going through conventional treatments who are looking to take the most integrative approach possible, and those not employing conventional treatments whatsoever.

Our ideal coach would be able to work with both situations, and is overall extremely well rounded in all areas of the healing journey. Some example traits of this in our minds would be:

  • Adept in helping people identify and remove all sources of toxicity in their lives (physical, energetic and emotional).
  • Guide in the process of selecting a holistic doctor and evaluating their performance.
  • Help with creative solutions in affording everything, while continuously reminding that most of the foundational healing tools are free – they just require willpower.
  • Able to beat back the overwhelm and also provide accountability in helping people maintain the consistency that’s so vital to a healing journey.
  • Identify areas where people should be bringing in outside help from friends or family.
  • Provide guidance in ensuring a healing, anti-cancer diet is maintained at all times
  • Able to speak to “energy medicine / healers” without getting super woo-woo or new age-y about it 😉
  • Familiar with the conventional world enough to speak to “integrative” options. Not recommending specific nutrients for specific conventional treatments, that’s a holistic doctor’s job, but being familiar enough with the conventional world to speak the basic lingo, and provide basic side effect support.

Ideally, we’re looking for coaches already working with clients in the $2-5K range, and will discuss what makes sense as far as revenue share more when we talk.

If you feel like this describes you, and more than anything, you’d describe yourself as a really, really good cancer coach who really cares about the people you’re helping, we’d love to hear from you!!

Please don’t be afraid to be as detailed as possible in answering the questions below!!

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